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Renaissance Macro Hires Michail Adzhiashvili and Kevin Dempter in Technical Research

September 3, 2014

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September 3, 2014
New York, NY – Renaissance Macro Research (“RenMac”) is pleased to announce that Michail Adzhiashvili and Kevin Dempter have joined the firm as members of the Technical Research team.


Prior to joining RenMac as an Analyst, Michail was an algorithmic trader at Gray Whale Capital, where he traded ETFs, created pricing models, optimized hedging algorithms, and assisted senior traders in identifying opportunities missed by the automated trading system. Michail earned a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from UCLA and completed a Master’s in Mathematics from New York University.


Kevin joins RenMac as an Associate. He spent the past five years as a proprietary trader at T3 Securities, where he leveraged start-up capital to launch day- and swing-trading Dempter Capital. He performed technical analysis at T3, complemented by in-depth market research and macroeconomic strategies. His prior experience included equities prop trading at PTG Capital and internships at Siemens and Ameriprise Financial. Kevin has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, with a minor in Economics, from Shippensburg University.
Jeff deGraaf, RenMac’s Chairman and Head Technical Analyst, stated, “Michail and Kevin are excellent additions to Team Technical, where their skillsets and experience are already improving our research products and the breadth of what we are able to offer to RenMac clients.”

About Renaissance Macro Research, LLC:

Founded in March 2011 by Jeff deGraaf and Steve Hash and three Partners, RenMac is committed exclusively to providing the institutional buy side community with specialized macro research. We help clients view the world through a different lens not readily available from traditional investment houses and boutiques. Armed with a sales force with over six decades of experience focused exclusively on macro research, RenMac is dedicated to deciphering and understanding the macro factors that impact the investment world by providing unique, insightful and unbiased top down analysis from thought leaders in the industry. Current coverage includes: Technical/Strategy, Washington Policy, Economics, Small Cap Strategy, Event Driven, Sector Deep Dives, and Commodity Analysis. Renaissance Macro Securities, LLC is a registered Broker/Dealer and Member of FINRA / SIPC.
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