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RenMac Announces 2015 Promotions

September 18, 2015

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Renaissance Macro Research (“RenMac”) is pleased to announce the following promotions:

Managing Directors
Tony Scali

Vice Presidents
Katy Skloss
Michail Adzhaiashvili

Steve Hash, RenMac’s President and Chief Operating Officer, commented, “We intend promotions to be awarded to those who excel in their positions. We congratulate our colleagues for their hard work and dedication to the firm and its clients.”

About Renaissance Macro Research, LLC:
Founded in March 2011 by Jeff deGraaf and Steve Hash and three Partners, RenMac is committed exclusively to providing the institutional buy side community with specialized macro research. We help clients view the world through a different lens not readily available from traditional investment houses and boutiques. Armed with a sales force with over six decades of experience focused exclusively on macro research, RenMac is dedicated to deciphering and understanding the macro factors that impact the investment world by providing unique, insightful and unbiased top down analysis from thought leaders in the industry. Current coverage includes: Technical/Strategy, Washington Policy, Economics, Small Cap Strategy, Sector Deep Dives, and Commodity Analysis. Renaissance Macro Securities, LLC is a registered Broker/Dealer and Member of FINRA / SIPC.
For more information contact: RenMac
(212) 537-8811


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