Jeff deGraaf



Far from his hometown of Kalamazoo Michigan, Jeff has become one of Wall Street’s most influential macro-based analysts over the last decade.  Ranked by Institutional Investor magazine for the last 10 years, and ranked as the #1 technical analyst over the last seven years, Jeff has now turned his vision for Wall Street research into reality by founding Renaissance Macro Research, LLC.  His dedication to the business, unquenchable passion for markets, and his no-nonsense understanding of the world’s idiosyncrasies help to separate him from the herd.  Having spent the early part of his career at Merrill Lynch and then Lehman Brothers, where he served on the firm’s investment policy committee as a Managing Director, Jeff moved to ISI in 2007 as an Executive Managing Director, also serving on the firm’s management committee and  heading the firm’s investment policy committee.  A member of the NYSSA, MTA, and CFA, and a CMT charter holder, Jeff is often quoted in Barron’s and The Wall Street Journal and seen on CNBC and Bloomberg as well as on the speaking circuit at various events around the world.  With his baseball days at Michigan State University long behind him, Jeff is now an avid skier, golfer, and collector of Wall Street historical artifacts. He and his wife Lynette and their three boys live in Westchester County, NY.