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Viewing the World Through a Different Lens

RenMac was founded to provide the highest quality, macro based research on Wall Street. Never afraid to take a unique view, Jeff deGraaf and the founders of RenMac are committed to helping clients view the world through a different lens not readily available from traditional investment houses and boutiques.

Committed exclusively to providing Wall Street with specialized macro research, the founders of Renaissance Macro Research (“RenMac”) are dedicated to deciphering and understanding the macro factors that impact the investment world. Whether it is policy out of Washington, investment preferences within the equity markets, or the odd but influential data point out of economics, RenMac is devoted to providing its clients with differentiated macro analysis through a dedicated sales force focused exclusively on the research product.

Armed with a senior sales force that has decades of experience focused exclusively on macro research, RenMac’s sales people have an understanding of the product and macro-environment that is unparalleled on the Street.