Policy Team


Kim Wallace

In his new role as a Managing Director at Renaissance Macro Research, Kim N. Wallace will be responsible for Washington Policy Research, and serve as a senior advisor and RenMac liaison to The Scowcroft Group. Mr. Wallace has enjoyed a 30-year career in policy analysis in state and federal governments and capital markets. Nominated by President Obama in March 2009 and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Mr. Wallace most recently served as Treasury Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs until October 2011. During this period Mr. Wallace focused on helping to implement fiscal, financial, and international trade policies designed to advance U.S. economic recovery and growth. Mr. Wallace is proud to have received the Alexander Hamilton Award from Secretary Timothy Geithner, the highest honor bestowed on Treasury Department officials.

Prior to his service in the Obama administration, from 1994-2008, Mr. Wallace was an analyst and managing director at Lehman Brothers and briefly at Barclays Capital where he managed two research units. He analyzed a range of policy developments including deregulation of electricity, telecommunications, and financial markets (1994-2001). In his role as chief policy analyst, Mr. Wallace also built and managed a team dedicated to geopolitical risk analysis (2002-2008) and served as an advisor to Lehman’s executive committee. During his time at Lehman Mr. Wallace was a multiple recipient of the Institutional Investor All-American award. From 1990-1994, Mr. Wallace focused on fiscal policy as a legislative assistant to Senate Majority Leader George J. Mitchell, and from 1986-1989 served as a staff analyst at the U.S. Senate Budget Committee. Prior to entering federal service, Mr. Wallace worked from 1982-1985 as an analyst and legislative assistant for the Texas state legislature and later in the Texas Governor’s office.

Mr. Wallace received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Master’s Degree from the Johns Hopkins University.