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June 12, 2014

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New York, NY – RenMac Gives Back

Renaissance Macro Research (“RenMac”) is pleased to announce all commissions generated Thursday,
June 12th will be donated to support Cerebral Palsy (CP) research. Cerebral Palsy is a brain injury
frequently associated with a difficult childbirth. CP is the most prevalent motor disorder of
childhood, affecting 2 to 3 of every 1000 live births. In the US this is approximately 10,000
babies a year.

“At RenMac, we believe that it is our obligation to give back in a meaningful way. Additionally, we
believe that one of the most effective ways to do this is to support specific programs that could
have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Hence, we are teaming up with Duke University and
Translational Research to raising money to help move stem cell research forward.” said Steve Hash,
President and COO of RenMac.

The lead Doctor on this study is Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg. “There is much interest in using stem cells
to halt or potentially reverse the damage to young brains. At Duke University, Dr. Joanne
Kurtzberg and a team of clinicians are testing infusion of stem cells from a child’s own umbilical
cord blood that was saved at birth. Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells that can potentially
facilitate neural cell repair resulting in improved function. Over 400 children have been treated
this way at Duke University in early clinical studies.”

About Renaissance Macro Research, LLC:

Founded in March 2011 by Jeff deGraaf and Steve Hash and three Partners, RenMac is committed
exclusively to providing the institutional buy side community with specialized macro research. We
help clients view the world through a different lens not readily available from
traditional investment houses and boutiques. Armed with a sales force with over six decades of
experience focused exclusively on macro research, RenMac is dedicated to deciphering and
understanding the macro factors that impact the investment world by providing unique, insightful
and unbiased top down analysis from thought leaders in the industry. Current coverage includes:
Technical/Strategy, Washington Policy, Economics, Small Cap Strategy, Sector Deep Dives and
Commodity Analysis. Renaissance Macro Securities, LLC is a registered Broker/Dealer and Member of

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